Now that snouts is going away I kinda feel more comfortable with the idea of posting on Mastodon again? We'll see though

Practising the snowflake method of writing, where I ask a conservative what kind of things would be in a liberal snowflake story and then add all that and more.

if the hotel didn't want me to adjust the temperature in the hallways to suit my personal tastes, they would have locked the controls

I will dispense love to any and all hot trans girls who, like me, are convinced that they cannot possibly be cute and/or hot.

Women want me, catboys fear me (but also want me)

hehe i wonder if we'll at least get fuckin cool vr desktops now, with a fresh set of metaphors for doing things with that extra spatial dimension

Something I wish were more clearly and commonly stated:

"We are trained professionals, don't try this at home." doesn't mean don't try it period. It just means it's a lot more important to ask around, know what you're dealing with, what can go wrong, and how to mitigate that first.

all the riaa knows how to do is lawsuit, rent-seek, eat hot chip and lie

possible NaNoWriMo novel idea, transmisogyny, supernatural thriller, feedback appreciated 

A transwoman begins transforming into a shark person/mermaid and has to escape superstitious people who think she's becoming a monster.

Very not-subtlety a metaphor for how transpeople can actually be treated irl.

Working title is "Triton's Daughter"

that particular kind of love for everyone you have when you're having a really good night and you're blissed out and vibing

it's good

anthro art, ec, I changed sonas again woo 

I've been oscillating between shark feels and fox feels so I made a hybrid.

Will this be my new primary sona? Signs point to fuck yeah, this design is cute as a button. :3

Don't ask me how this works biologically.


as of today's build, you can now set timed mutes

next time you mute someone via the web app, look for the "Duration" option

thanks @Thib =^.^=

Sincere question: How are people's Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands doing?

Mine is still pretty chill. Mostly natural in shape. Been pumpkin-ing it up periodically. I have the start to a pumpkin maze.

i strongly believe that some memetic hazards are hazardous only because they show you things about your own perception or consciousness or mental architecture that are really uncomfortable, in a way that's Too Much Too Fast

imo you shouldn't avoid these things forever, but you also shouldn't try to jump into them all at once. that is how people lose the plot and lose themselves.

you've got time!

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