i mean, like, the people who aren't already out there doing a lot of stuff and doing a rebellion just to even survive on a daily basis.

the people who spend all their time reading theory, really are not the vanguard. and i'm not even convinced a vanguard is even a desirable thing, but i also don't know how things will actually shake out here.

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i will say this out loud...

i get the idea that those who think they really are the revolutionary vanguard, really should not be

someone just told me that kill la kill is "literally a satire on lewdness in anime"

all i can think is

just got up to the episode of atla where toph is introduced

i love her so much

best character ever

tfw late for class bc distracted by lichens. The first one is parmotrema perlatum/black stone flower, one is a shield lichen and one is a beard lichen but idk specific IDs.

There's a joke: A woman asks her programmer husband to pick up groceries. "Get one gallon of milk. If they have eggs, get ten," she says. He comes home with ten gallons of milk. "They had eggs, honey," he says.

The first layer of humor is his control flow interpretation failure. The second layer is that he doesn't even understand operation order: Going by his own misinterpretation, he should have picked up eleven gallons.

i don't think anyone can really be said to independently or be the first to think up really anything anymore

the internet has made it so easy to spread ideas and information around without keeping context, let alone sourcing (when it was even attributed correctly in the first place and not just an appropriation of someone else's ideas)

and even independent of that, we all get a lot of information and knowledge and wisdom from being in the world that we don't keep track of the provenance of

intellectual property as capital really shouldn't be a thing we uphold imo, but it is important to recognize where these ideas we get come from and examine them accordingly

someone actually pledged at the $69 tier lkjsdklfjlksdjklf

one of the most important things to remember is...

you, yes even YOU, are not exempt or immune from being a reactionary sometimes

and the more you believe yourself to be, the more reactionary you probably actually are without consciously realizing it

if you use a slang term for bird genitals is that a cloaquialism

hot take

a nontrivial part of looking better after some time transitioning is because you look and are a lot happier

uspol mention, selfies, eye contact 

me last inauguration day (2017) vs me today (2021)

despite the best efforts of the 45 administration, I transitioned and survived

fuck yeah

now let's get shit cleaned up, get the children out of cages, defund and abolish the police, and continue fighting the good fights

let's not all deradicalize just because the democrats are nominally in power now


we are no longer digging a hole quite as fast, which is in the right direction but not nearly enough. haven't even stopped digging yet let alone started filling the hole in.

Rumex obtusifolius aka Broad-leaf Dock
Santa Cruz CA

I’m taking a bunch to eat since it’s invasive asf

uspol, good news 

45's nuclear biscuit just expired

transmisic microaggression vent 

cis people please stop joking that your method of birth control is being gay

that's not how anything works

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