Let’s talk - trans narratives 

non-“yes” responses please comment with your IP address and coordinates

(✅ I’m not a robot)

so many friends here and i could still yet become the kind of person who fits in ..

but also, like, this is premium mediocre tech capitalism hell

Saying a piece of software is "shitting the bed" is using incontinence as an insult, which is ableist and hurtful and bad, and we are not doing that anymore in 2020

enbies open this 

as far as epic fediverse battles go, "witches vs. cryptids" sounds much more exciting and less depressing than it actually was

gonna nyoom now.

this plane is fucking glam and weird and i will toot how later

spoilers: it is a former virgin airlines plane but alaska bought it

realizing i really, really fucking love mirrors and mood lights and want to incorporate those into my own room and style where possible

lewd ref 

Making fun of someone for things that are accurate, bad, and in their control: 😆👍

Making fun of people for things that are inaccurate, not bad, or not in their control: 😬👎

This is not difficult, folx

Virginia rally, guns, body shaming 

Let's make 2020 the year we stop using incontinence as an insult.

feeling a little overwhelmed by how techie the queer tech nerds are in the bay area

i used to be like that...

lewd, fetish, shitpost 

hot take

i want flash to never completely go away. there's so much out there that would be unreadable.

but you should have to explicitly opt into it

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