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uspol, protests 

It's interesting seeing the combination of peaceful protest, destruction and even defiant existance going on even now. It hasn't slowed down a bit.

And in all seriousness, may the autonomous nation-state of Minneapolis grow strong and endure and thrive.

acab, military, a reminder 

All Cops Are Bastards

and that includes the esteemed members of the US Armed Services, proudly serving this broken state by delivering the best of American Policing to the rest of the world (now with free delivery to your neighborhood, coming soon!)

on the ground in Cambridge MA (+) 

There’s a small crowd gathering on the sidewalks around Porter Square, holding BLM and related signs. Pretty quiet, mostly older white women 6’ apart. Getting a fair number of honks from passers by. I don’t know what else is planned, but I’ll at least be here adding n+1 to their numbers for a little while

on the ground in Cambridge MA (+) 

texting with DrSparks who’s at home. we love each other very much 🥰

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us military, philosophical 

many of us have told ourselves that it's illegal for the military to enforce the government's monopoly on violence within the US

many of us have told ourselves that the big-league Military will never fire upon American citizens; the order would be ignored

friends, we are about to see those myths tested in an upcoming episode of 2020 entitled "Just Following Orders"

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re: CW: domestic abuse, violence, uspol, LONG 

potentially hundreds of thousands of people are going to get sick and need emergency treatment. and depend on it, there *will* be a line of propaganda saying "let the guilty rioters die." businesses will hesitate to reopen, and hesitate to rehire. unemployment will continue to be high. we are going to see this again in at most a month.

next time, there will be *blood*.

desperate people who have tried the peaceful route, and then tried the less peaceful route, will now be beyond angry, they'll be incandescently furious. and the police will still be terrified, and still on a hair-trigger from what they saw this week. there will be more clashes, and there will be a body count. the first shots fired will be police shooting civilians. and then it becomes a shooting war.

this is all my predictions, of course, and I could be wrong. I kind of hope I am, because if I'm right, what's coming before August is going to be *ugly*. it's going to make the last few days look like the gentle spring rain before the monsoon. there will be massive disruptions to everything--infrastructure at all levels, supply chains, power and internet service. (3/?)

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been mostly offline for the past couple of days, how's things going out there?

*looks at the news*


bartender, make mine a molotov... to go

My advice: If you have a 3D printer and you're inexperienced, get good at using it, learn to make the tricky sharp-angle funky-geometry bits.

If you have a shop and some metal, keep it handy, learn to machine parts on the fly if you don't already know.

If you have one of those silly quad-drones, get good at both modding and flying it.

If you have, say, a laser printer, learn the basics on how it works.

If you know how to build your own internet, sustain in an urban environment without power or running water, or provide ad-hoc medical attention, make sure your friends know it. If you want to learn to do any of it, start *now*.

Why? Well... if things start getting peaceful and chill again, you now have a new skill and a potential hobby for later, maybe even pick up some revenue on Patreon. :3

Maker culture is alive and well, but we could see it blossom, and in my mind amateur-stars may be entering something of a golden age. The information's out there you just gotta dig, and doing so makes it easier for others.

trans +?, future plans 

y'know what

fuck it, these are wild times and i have much better shit to worry about

i'm gonna more fully come out at work tomorrow

“I’m not trans. I just really like wearing skirts, wish I looked more feminine, love when you call me a girl, and melt whenever people use she/her pronouns for me. Also, I like girls,” said the definitely-a-man who was definitely both cisgender and heterosexual.

re: CW: domestic abuse, violence, uspol, LONG 

I am personally dependent on regular supplies of several medications, and the supply chains for those are very likely to start wobbling. a lot of people have been struggling to keep on with "business as usual," and that's been keeping the rest of us more or less stable. if we hit the "cool zone," any assurance of that continuing at any level goes out the window.

we need a plan, NOW. the police have had their way abusing us for decades, and they won't let us leave without a fight. we need an escape plan. we need a plan for how to create new structures when every existing power structure that relies on terror of the police has been torn down, to continue supporting the people who will need help. I'm not kidding when I said this is the Second Revolution. after it's over, we're going to need to start building a new country. now is the time to start thinking about that, talking about it. we're all going to be very busy and distracted for the next little while, but we need to keep this goal in mind. this is what we're aiming for.

we can have a world without authoritarian violence. it's possible. it might be inevitable. it might even be coming before the end of 2020. but it's going to take a lot of work, and planning. buckle up, beautiful creatures. (4/end)

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re: CW: domestic abuse, violence, uspol, LONG 

they lost last night, all across the country. they were shown that they are hated, that the people they routinely abuse and think of as lesser than themselves, are actually much more numerous and more dangerous. and in a couple of places, they were shown that *people do not need them*. they are facing an existential threat.

things to expect in the very near future:
* increased police brutality in every interaction with civilians
* increased police presence everywhere they feel threatened
* increase in arrests
* increase in retaliational harassment
* attempts to "guard choke points" where they can bully and harass people trying to get essential needs
* basically increased hostility across the board

and of course, for Tr*mp, having failed at *everything else*, to declare martial law.

but it won't end there. it *can't*. because even if people accept the new status quo and put their heads down, and the police are allowed to parade themselves as warlords over our streets... in the next month, there is going to be a huge resurgence of Covid-19. (2/?)

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re: CW: domestic abuse, violence, uspol, LONG 

and because I shamefully forgot to say and have been reminded: BLACK LIVES MATTER. this whole horrible mess has been built on a mountain of BlPOC bodies, and white people, like myself, need to step the fuck up and END THIS. we can't build a world without authoritarian violence that still contains racism. racism is *part* of that violence, it's the foundation of everything that's happening.

listen to your POC neighbors, especially BlPOC. they very likely already have a plan. they have been through this fire all their lives. they know what's happening in their bodies and souls. honor their pain and their work. *listen* to them. and *follow* their directions.

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CW: domestic abuse, violence, uspol, LONG 

it's axiomatic that the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when the victim makes a believable attempt at leaving. if the abuser believes there's a chance their favorite punching bag may actually escape, they're likely to escalate verbal and physical violence, often far beyond anything seen before, as well as take hostages of children, pets, and belongings. this is part of why it's so difficult for the victims of domestic violence to get out of abusive relationships. a very important part of successfully escaping is having a plan.

we need a plan, now.

things are not going to go "back to normal"--they *can't*. even if everybody who took to the streets the last few days suddenly gave up and went home, even if everybody furious about the situation shrugged and decided to just let it go. because the police, who have been fattening themselves with a steady diet of self-serving propaganda and ever-increasing budgets to get more and bigger "toys," are suddenly staring at the threat of annihilation, and they are *terrified*. (1/?)

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current uspol CW meta 

grrrrr, unCWed posts about the current uspol situation piss me off

not CWing your shit doesn't make it any more likely to be heard

if anything, it will exhaust people who don't have the energy to constantly be reminded of the shitty system we live in that caused the protests

and those who wouldn't open the CW because they simply don't care, won't care more without the CW either

CWs are not censorship, they're there that sensitive people don't get overloaded or triggered

TLDR: CW your shit.

And before trying to come at me with some "shut up, you're white" stuff - read my fucking profile page (hint: I'm not white)

I cross-stitched this piece for @Kyresti , who I love very much ❤
Took about over a month.

re: seattle pol, pissed 

and let me tell you, they sure didn't look like they needed it!! they were already shooting tear gas at fucking kids, at a peaceful protest!!

didn't even try to communicate!

if you didn't believe All Cops Are Bastards before, here's your object lesson

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I am safe and so are my friends, lovers, and partners. Today was a tirning point in Seattle and we'll see where it goes. But until we know, please, stay safe.

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