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Oh my gosh it’s like the Christmas truce on Trans Twitter right now because everyone is watching HBomb take a nap :trans_heart:

:blobcattilt:​ naming your children after popular culture references
:blobcatshy:​ naming yourself after popular culture references

mooooooooooom phineas and ferb are telling trans girls that they're cute and pretty

gf gushing Show more "Non-Euclidean Worlds Engine", 5m:14s
Overlapping rooms, tunnels longer on inside, walking uphill both ways… Feels like a game engine @Azure might make!

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a letter to my ten-years-ago self, addressed to my retired name (1/3) Show more

I just heard some kids, who look like high schoolers, totally stoked by the fact the venue has gender-neutral bathrooms. It’s great the generation after us is going to be good people.

Yes, youtube, I love the feature of "you have 5 seconds to stop me from playing a video you don't want to see." please turn it back on for me when I didn't ask you to.

shoutout to the woman on the train who wanted to ask me about the fox tail I’m wearing (en route to FC) including deadpanned questions like “so if you were going to a formal event, would you wear a black tail?”

what if mario actually does have a finite number of lives in odyssey, but because the entire game is about collecting moons and moons give you three extra lives, nobody ever notices

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