my gender expression: attack helicopter

expensive to (re)build, expensive to operate, useless for carrying heavy things, commonly used as a political football, can do an incredible amount of damage in very little time, requires a team of highly-trained professionals to maintain and tune, tends to crash and burn when things go the least bit wrong

but i do look pretty badass

and if you got the skills, i'm fun to fly

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Six Pokemon scribbled out! I think it'll wait until later to be more finalized though. I want to work on other things first.

Pros about Arcanine:
- big
- toasty
- soft
- strong
- fluffy paws

Cons about Arcanine:
- but is very sorry about it

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Made a lot of progress drafting up the plans for my clock project.

This is gonna take a lot of time to finish.

Did you know that union organizers are universally more attractive than scabs?

this took me twenty centuries to draw, but i finally did it

i drew a glaceon and i think it looks alright (the eyes still look a lil jank tho)

and this totally isn't what i'm gonna use for a pokesona, noooo

(also a certain mastodon instance would highly appreciate this i'd think)

I responded on The Other Site to a request for things trans people want cis people to know about us. Gonna share it here also:

It's fine if you don't understand. I don't understand it either. That doesn't make it go away, though. Being trans doesn't emerge from some theory or understanding. It just is. The stories we tell about it are maps, not the territory.

trans culture is meeting someone and you immediately start discussing IPv6 subnetting and embedded hardware design is shutting down:

I'm not here to bash Google, I'm here to say:

Consider whether you actually need a URL shortener. Using them in any kind of long-lived document (or even a toot if you leave yours up) makes them more fragile.

There might be a need for them in some contexts where input is confined, or if you expect someone to have to type in the link manually, but overall they're best avoided if you don't specifically need them. Not only are they fragile, but they remove whatever information about where a link might lead that the URL would provide.

If a link is TOO long, consider cutting off all the UTM metadata or other tracking information that doesn't serve to locate the content.

when a furry sneezes the sound it makes is achuwu send toot

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I just realized I've never dated a cis white man. I intend to continue this time-honored tradition indefinitely.

fired: calling me “sir” because you’ve mistaken me for a man
inspired: calling me “sir” like Marcie does to Peppermint Patty

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