block and report spammers (incl. sending the report to the origin instance)

no need to announce their presence

someone who gets 30 "omg the spammer woke up" posts per every actual spam

anyway, yeah

you want that fake fascist freedom, with the feel of a necktie around your carefully-groomed neck and the taste of boot polish in your mouth, as you drive your SUV through the gates of your locked community, hoping to make it home before the HOA writes you a letter about your lawn? go for it

we'll be over here, with collars around our necks and the taste of our partners in our mouths, driving our beat-up station wagons through the city streets

having lived both lives, i am pretty sure this is the good one

we believe in fundamental Christian values, like "rich people are assholes" and "sex work is good work" and "love is good, okay?"

hi and welcome to the family-friendly part of the fediverse

and by "family" we mean "chosen family and friends and comrades"

and by "friendly" we mean "welcoming of sexuality and all the other ways in which we express our true selves"

I would like a world where the expected response to someone sending you a link to a Google Doc is the same as if they mailed you a very old piece of cheese with a QR code grown on it in mold that encodes a URL to a map to an 8 inch floppy...

Feel free to ask me to explain anything I say.

You can ask me to explain other things, too. I might not know the answer, but you can if you want to.

If I were a superhero my weakness would be explaining things. Lex Luthor would be able to rob a bank by sending a few schoolkids to ask me basic physics questions while he got away.

I do sometimes like to intentionally misinterpret wonton soup as wanton soup.


The agender and aromantic flags look /awfully/ similar. Obviously we need to have pride flags incorporate vertical stripes or maybe checkerboard patterns.

Pride must enter…The Second Dimension.

Kink, hot take 

@everyone: thank you for your assistance in reporting The Spammer. We're clicking “suspend” as fast as we can until we can get a technical solution in place. New accounts currently require approval, so they won’t be spamming from v.c any time soon.

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks

life-sized pikachu

(it's actually 20 feet tall, fuck the lore)

Genderjunks; food 

hey. if today is especially rough for you, I’ve managed to hang on to just enough enby dadmom energy that I’ll be your pops if you want.

talk to me about what you’re proud of, kid, or what you wish you were prouder of

blasphemous italics

obscene bolding

lists which are:

  • lewd
  • lascivious
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