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my country has turned its back on me, so the trans pride flag is my national flag, and Against Me! / True Trans Soul Rebel is my national anthem

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we will never be erased

we will never be forgotten


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"making the best of every day" is not about the peaks

it's about the valleys

it's resting, it's healing, it's nourishing

it's collecting tomorrow's spoons

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Hi, I'm Rey, a polyamorous, postfurry, queer as fuck, non-binary trans catgirl and/or foxenby (... I think?).

I am an engineer, the sort who makes embedded hardware do cool things. I was the founder of I like glowy dance, big bass, and hot enbies.

I drive Lezbaru, a '09 Outback. We've been through some shit together.

I am currently learning to live with #fibromyalgia (diagnosis pending), and I use #cannabis and #shitposting to make it through each day.

I am in #Rochester normally, #Boston regularly, #Seattle occasionally.

I am made of love. It's stronger than you.


lewd implied, shitpost 

assholes, the non-anatomical ones 

acab, murder 

mh, temporal self-harm implied (-) 

🌈psa pls get ur flu shot this season to protect those who cannot!!!! 🌟 (ec)

running back and forth between windows, watching the squirrels outside and making clicking and chuffing noises

anyone know how, with rails, to do something different based on the Host: header?

basically, looking to hack Mastodon to use a different S3_ALIAS_HOST if the request is to a specific hostname

yes i realize this is easy, but my brain is mush rn

The future is here and everything needs to be destroyed.


Did you know you can’t use “beefstew” as a WiFi password?

It isn’t stroganoff.

me, a dumbass, looking around for my glasses: ????????????
my glasses, on my face, helping me look: ?????????????????

Forgive me, but the Washington Driver's License mascot looks like Ignignokt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

re: mh, anxiety meta 

re: mh, anxiety, poem-ish 

selfie, ec, boosts ok, I look good 

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