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I may as well make a new post since I got the admin bit here.
Hi! I'm Rylee. they/them or ve/ver pronouns!

Label collection: postfurry, pan, queer, nonbinary, kinky

I'm a tech worker by trade, making The Cloudโ„ข๏ธ more reliable. By hobby I like shit posting, weed, emotions, peer counseling, swimming, cuddles, role-playing, writing, and of course, video gaming.

I'm a little picky with my followers so feel free to request but I might not approve for a while.

See you around!

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I got a bunch of follow requests without intros recently. They'll probably languish in my FR box for a while before I delete them. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

I'm pretty serious - if I don't know you (to be read as "on hugging terms in the orthocosm" for simplicity), please don't send a follow request without an intro. I'm just not willing to compromise my safety. I get vulnerable here, ok? The least you can do is reciprocate.

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moderation update: we no longer federate with or The formerโ€™s CoC bans โ€œhomosexual conduct (figuratively and literally),โ€ i.e. about 80% of all v.c activity. The latterโ€™s admin is mass-following people without regard to , and our CoC does state that โ€œFollow bots will be blocked on sight.โ€

:trans_heart:โ€‹, @mxsparks (cc: @tastymochafox )

Hey I'm ACAB! (Always Curious About Books)


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@lynnesbian [ASMR] Windows 98 attempts to defragment a 99% full 20GB hard disk (8:31:46)

my partner Elise showed me this and I can't believe how fucking hard I've been called out by it

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The gender today is the smell of lemon and sound of a fork in the garbage disposal.

Otter pockets are basically loose flaps of skin under their arms. They store food as well as favorite rocks, which they use for cracking open the shells of the mollusks they eat, in their pockets.



Urgent announcement: otters have pockets.


#science (I was listening to Science Friday)

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my partner Elise showed me this and I can't believe how fucking hard I've been called out by it

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