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Here's information on our data retention and disclosure guidelines:

Infrastructure: is hosted by OwO Group LLC, a New York State corporation, at Linode's datacenter in Newark, New Jersey.

Software Integrity: runs the fork of Mastodon with local modifications, published on Github. We do not knowingly have any "backdoors" or other alterations to default Mastodon behaviors. Production builds are generally performed in a clean environment on Docker Hub, although some special-case builds may be performed in a clean checkout on a development computer.

Data Security: Reasonable efforts are made to control access to privileged accounts and servers. However, Mastodon is not designed as a secure messaging service, and we cannot guarantee the security of your data. All user data are stored unencrypted. Persons with access to the underlying infrastructure agree to adhere to the Codes of Ethics of the League of Professional Systems Administrators and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Data scraping is disallowed. Whether or not it is said in public, usage outside for any purposes outside of the original poster's intention is not acceptable

Data Retention: We retain everything that is posted, or that otherwise reaches our instance, indefinitely. In the event your account is deleted, your posts and personal information will be deleted from the live database. Once your information is received by other instances, it is no longer under our control and we cannot guarantee that it can be deleted or kept private.

We have the following retention goals for data kept by our infrastructure:

  • Hourly database dumps: 6 hours.
  • Daily database dumps: 2 days.
  • Web server logs: 3 days.
    Note: These logs contain the requestor's IP address, the URL requested, and the User-Agent field. Also be aware that Mastodon records the IP address and time of your most recent activity in its database; this will persist until your account is deleted or it is replaced by new information.
  • On-site server backups: 2 weeks, plus an on-demand snapshot.
  • Off-site server backups: 2 weeks, snapshotted hourly.
  • Remote media cache: 30 days.
  • Deleted remote accounts: on occasion, we check that remote accounts still exist on their home instance. If their home instance confirms that an account is deleted, we will delete everything associated with it in our local database.

Third parties: "Media assets," such as pictures and videos attached to toots, avatars, header pictures, and static application resources, are hosted by Amazon Web Services and backed up periodically to a remote server.


  • When appropriate to protect the safety and security of the Fediverse, we may share usernames, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, and other relevant information about banned users with other instance admins and the Fediverse in general.
  • We may be required by law to disclose information about or its members, and we may not be able to notify the community that this occurred. If possible, we will seek legal counsel to ensure the request is appropriate, and that the scope of the disclosure is as limited as possible. If legally possible, we will also notify the affected members and/or the community about the nature of the disclosure.
  • If someone is in immediate danger, we will disclose any available information we deem necessary to assist with the situation. If you have specific wishes about what we should do if you are believed to be in a dangerous situation, please let one of the admins know and we can make a note, visible only to admins, on your account.

Changed 2018-06-06 (rtucker): update software integrity to reflect our move to glitch-soc, mention builds are done on Docker Hub. update log retention (14 days -> 72 hours), be more specific about which backups are stored where. combine Logging and Backups sections into Data Retention. generally freshen and be more specific about data retention.

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